WANE is the smallness one feels opposed to and in tandem with growing.  WANE waxes to come full circle and re-new.

WANE is an effort to grasp the incomprehensible, to give various forms — attempted linearly, like bread crumbs marking a trail,  a chronology of responses to life — to the unknown variable,  full of potential — in any equation.

WANE is managed and maintained by Jessica Townes George, an artist whose practice is grounded in: sleeping on islands, love poems, collecting things, giving things away, encouragement, ecosystems, children, and movement.

She explores her thoughts and dreams through movement, oil painting, prose and songs.  She holds awareness that her best attempt to relate to others is by remembering songs to sing and stories to share and to re-tell of the way elder and other folks have fought to have hope for prosperity, health, unity and peace in relation to each other and to the world.

Her work expresses this sentiment by holding quietude, awareness of connectivity, composition, distance (space) and edges as important, hence, making up pictorial objects and not songs that capture timelessness.

Jessica has a BFA in Painting/Photography from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio & Theory from the Maine College of Art (MECA).


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Sid Ceaser Says:

    Greetings Jessica!
    How might I go about contacting you regarding tin type commissioned portrait info.

    Looking for info regarding a wedding portrait of myself and my wonderful bride-to-be.


  2. jack Says:

    guess f if i love///?

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