WANE is the smallness one feels opposed to and in tandem with growing.  WANE waxes to come full circle and re-new.

WANE tries to grasp the incomprehensible, to give various forms — attempted linearly, in a simple chronology of responses to life — ( in the method of posts, tags, listening, writing and sharing) to the unknown variable — full of potential — in any equation.

Ica Townes looks to relate, exchange information, to make new equations with what is given, and does want help (even while declining) when difficulties arise in moving towards solutions.

In the end, or the middle, or the beginning, mixes of indecipherable unity are desirable.


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Sid Ceaser Says:

    Greetings Jessica!
    How might I go about contacting you regarding tin type commissioned portrait info.

    Looking for info regarding a wedding portrait of myself and my wonderful bride-to-be.


  2. jack Says:

    guess f if i love///?

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