Molly Hunt – A Travel Log

July 17, 2009

John Puckett's Black Pearl

“A Travel Log”

we shared a mango
while the sun appeared

an object to touch
and one
for Martha’s store
with the german shepard
guarding the door

(Later, Martha filling pitchers with water)

and Carolyn in her orchard
a bounty of children
eating quiche

ecclesiastical bluffs
the supreme public vista

a private view
three floors up
a rusty escape
we guess in the dark
and teeter in the day

since she was 11
seeing magnified
and always looking

dressed for Walters
we climbed under the table
to sing-a-long
the black pearl
from stern to bow

the deck
the dock
sail tags clanking on aluminum masts
even with the water
and the dark hiding everything else
to jump in
to be submerged
as if there were no edge

John Pawtucket drawing sails
a very young captain
saying how he cared
and the heart is whole again

Good shot my lady
Lady Albion slinking under the moon
at dawn
planes come and go
by radio

a trip achieved
with only certain specifications
and without a sailor’s precision
sailors follow the wind
and so do islands

chart the summer sky

where MaryAnne
at Mansion beach
guarding the plovers
sewed buttons on a curtain

Jess and Wild Bill stayed in the sand
the sun coloring them

I, under my


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